• CNC machining - multi-axis machining of precision parts in high quality, precision and with respect to technological requirements
  • Electroerosion machining - configured to machine high precision components with very large geometrical complexity
  • Metal engraving - precise engraving of your text / logo / other graphics on a metal or anodized metal item
  • 3D printing - is the process of turning a 3D model into a physical prototype
  • Development - allows us to optimize the product functionality and the production costs
  • Single, small and complete assemblies - supply of on-demand single parts, smaller assemblies and complete assemblies
KUMMER s.r.o. - CNC machining

For all orders we offer full service supply - both the machining technology and the design and manufacture of suitable clamping jigs. Before the production process is started, we use a wide range of modern computer devices including the latest CAD/CAM software. The company´s measurement dpt. is equipped with modern KMS multi-axis measuring instruments, microscopes and other measuring aids.